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Motion Dreams | How do we do it?


We firmly believe that children are the hope of our world . This social philosophy has touched our souls to the point where we feel the need to create our own independent project of Communication for Development. We Uelkom all the Colombian vulnerable communities and the problems they face on a daily basis.

Technically Uelkom executes its projects in 4 phases:



1. Identifying

We identify problems in unprotected and vulnerable communities in Colombia.


2. Visiting

We travel to trouble regions and begin  an ethnographic research in order to generate solutions to the problems.


3. Recording

We produce a documentary film with the objective of reflecting and portraying realities in Colombia.


4. Logistics

We embark the journey of finding resources through international cooperation agencies, non-profit organization, and individuals in order to provide financial, educational, artistic, and cultural support.



"We feel that there is always a possibility to help those
that make part of the history, culture, memory and life of a country; those who sometimes cry will have a chance to smile.




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